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Name James Madison Lumpkins
Birth 1823, Georgia
Death Dec 21, 1917, Arkedelphia, Ark.
Burial Family cemetery between Arkadelphia
Father William Dickson Lumpkin (1759-1851)
Mother Susan Luker (1800-)
1 Susan Chavis
Birth 1820, Tennessee
Death 1884, Clark County, Ark
Burial Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Father John W. Exley
Mother Elizabeth Sol
Marriage Jul 24, 1840, Campbell County, Tennessee
Children: George Washington (1841-1862)
Nancy Jane (1846-)
Katherine Elizabeth (1847-)
Martha Jane (1848-1905)
John Henry (1850-1934)
Martha C. (Mattie) (1854-)
Rachel (1854-)
William T. (1858-)
Richard (1861-)
Susan Ann (1863-)
Francis Ann (Frankie) (1869-)
Mary Oma
2 Sara hSallie McGraw
Birth 1824
Death 1918, Buggy Hill Cemetery, Sebastion Co. Hampton, Ark
Marriage Dec 15, 1885
Notes for James Madison Lumpkins
Buried in the family cemetery between Arkadelphia and Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The only thing that I know for sure is that this man is my Great Great Grandfather and that the children here are his own. The stories that follow are word of mouth and as yet unverified by me.

From my mother (Mary Edith Byford - Holmes)
I have been told my great grandfather (James Madison Lumpkins) was born in Georgia in the northern part. His father was a Lumpkins, whom I believe was born in Pennsylvania ( my input: or as I have began to suspect in Spottsylvania, Va. and the census person mis-understood as Pennsylvania) but I can find no records on him.

James Madison's mother was a full blooded Cherokee. The Indians gave James the name of 'Spotted Buck'. He was driven out of Georgia on the Trail of Tears with the Indians. He first went to Chattanooga, Tennessee and settled there for awhile.

I have been told that James had at least two half brothers who were Navy men. Supposed to have been large men, blonde and blue eyed, but nothing yet of proof as James didn't tell his family much about his past life. He did hate the government and the Indians. He said they were like dogs as they were so dirty and the way that they lived, he wanted nothing to do with them. He was bitter with the government for being driven out of Gerogia. He hid out to keep from going to war. One day his two half brothers came to his home and told his wife they wished he was at home as they would take him back with them. His wife told them she didn't think he would go if he were home. They agreed, saying Jim would probably pick up something and split their heads first.

Other notes follow:
According to family word of mouth he was half Cherokee Indian, and suppose to be first cousin to the Governor of Georgia, Wilson Lumpkin.
James Madison Lumpkin was reared with his Indian Tribe. He went with his tribe on the "Trail of tears", which was the terrible journey that the government made them take when the government stole the Indian's land. This journey was from their homeland in Georgia, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, & Alabama to the reservations in Oklahoma. Many Indians(men and women) died on this journey, there were many hardships with old and the ill. The Indians were treated terrible. James Madison left his tribe in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he said he had rather be a "Damn Dog" rather than be an Indian. James Madison Said the Indians were treated and lived like dogs, and he did not want any part of it. So he went to live among the white people. He must have looked like a white man or he would not have survived in the white man's world. His Indian Name was Spotted Buck.
James Madison and Governor Wilson Lumpkin were suppose to be cousins. Wilson was one of the meanest people to the Indians and he may have been ashamed that he had cousins that were Indian. But his father and James Madison's Fathers were brothers. People say that Wilson wanted his cousins out of Georgia along with the rest of the Indians . Wilson was a very greedy person and he got rich off the Indian lands and the gold that they dicovered in Georgia, It is said that he gave some of the Indians more, but he still treated them wrong.
James Madison was born around 1815 In Georgia, It is possible the grandson of Dickson Lumpkin. One of Dickson's sons is the father of James Madison, probably Anthony or George. There is a question on that . Susan Luker was Dickson's wife and possibly a grandmother to James Madison. Who his mother was is unknown. But his mother was the second marriage of his father.
James Madison Lumpkin was married to his first wife, Susan Belle Exley Chavis, on July 24, 1840. They had 12 children (George Washington Lumpkin, Nancy Jane Lumpkin, Elizabet (Katherine) Lumpkin, Martha Jane, John Henry , William Lumpkin , Oma, Rachel, Mary F. (Molly), Richard (Nick), Susan, & Frances B. (Frankie) Lumpkin.). Susan Became ill for a long time and soon after her death James Madison married her cousin( some say it was her sister) Sarah (Sallie) McGraw. And all his children got angry at him and turned against him. James Madison & Sarah McGraw were having an affair before Susan's death. Sarah had several children while James and herself were having that affair. The children were possibly James MAdison's and that may be why the children of Susan were so angry at their father.
James Madison left Oklahoma and went back to Arkadelphia, Arkansas to die. No one knew when he died. but he told his family and friends that when he stopped writing they would know that he was dead. But records show that he died around 1898 in Arkadelphia and was buried in DeGray Cementary, about 9 miles N. W. Of Arkadelphia, Ark. He died a lonely and heart broken old man because none of his children wanted nothing to do with him. He did everything possible that he could to get some of his children to visit him but they wouldn't, they could not forgive him for what he did and how bad he had hurt their mother and themselves , so many years ago. His children would not even talk about him, and his grandchildren did not know anything about him and they where not allowed to ask. One of his Granddaughters went to his house one day and when her father found out, he went after her and she was punished for going around him. That may explain why we knew very little about the Lumpkin side of our family. When he died we don't know if any of his family tried to find out if and when he died.
This information was taken from letters written by Edith A. Holmes, from Oklahoma City, Okla. Mrs. Holmes is a great granddaughter of James Madison Lumpkin.
Hated the Government and the Indians and refused to sign up for land rights rather than admit that he was Indian. He was bitter for being driven out of Georgia.
He always carried a knife in his belt and according to a man that knew him he killed a couple of men in Arkadelphia, Ark. They tried to get him into their fight. He ran the knife to the hilt under one man's arm.

(per Opal Lewis Melton - Grandaughter of John H. Lumpkins)
"James Madison (Spotted Buck) Lumpkin was the father of John Henry Lumpkin
born about 1822 or 23 in Northeastern Georgia, was raised with the Cherokee
Indians. He was on the Trail of Tears, when the Cherokee was removed from
Georgia. He left the Cherokee at Chattanooga, Tenn., sometime went to
Jacksboro, Tenn. Campbell Co. Married there to Susan Chaves, 1840. Grandpa
John Henry Lumpkin was born in 1850. they later went to Arkadelphia, Ark.
Great Grandpa James Madison Died there in 1898.

Misc. Notes
Thought to have been the son of one of Dickson Lumpkins sons, Anthony or George?

1850 census in Campbell County, Tennessee
1870 census in Clark County, Arkansas
1880 census in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Stated father born in Pa. and mother born in Ga.

1850 Census - Campbell Co. TN - Household #607 page 642:
Lumpkins, James b1823 GA age27
Susan b1825 TN age25
George W. b1841 age9
Nancy J. b1846 age9
Elizabeth b1847 age3
Martha b1848 age2
John b1850

1870 Census - Clark Co. AR - Schedule 1 page 2 #11-12 Caddo Twp:
Lumpkins, James 55 farmer GA
Susan A. 41 keeping house TN
Nancy J. 27 at home TN
Elizabeth 25 at home TN
Martha 21 at home TN
John H. 17 at school TN
William 16 at school TN
Oma 14 at school TN
Rachel 11 at school TN
Richard 9 TN
Susan A. 7 TN
Frances A. 1 AR
(Oma mentiond above is probably Aunt Molly as she is not listed with the
other children. Also Frances A. is great Aunt Frankie -Per Mary Edith Byford)

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