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Name Sara hSallie McGraw
Birth 1824
Death 1918, Buggy Hill Cemetery, Sebastion Co. Hampton, Ark
1 James Madison Lumpkins
Birth 1823, Georgia
Death Dec 21, 1917, Arkedelphia, Ark.
Burial Family cemetery between Arkadelphia
Father William Dickson Lumpkin (1759-1851)
Mother Susan Luker (1800-)
Marriage Dec 15, 1885
Notes for Sara hSallie McGraw
Cousin to Susan (James' first wife). She was a widow (McGraw) and came visiting when Susan was on her death bed. James' son (my great grandfather) John Henry booted her out as the kids suspected something had been going on between James and her long before this.

From a relative of Sarah's (phyllis Hughes)

Sarah didn't marry James Lumpkin until 12/15/ 1885. They were both about 62 years old. All of Sarah's children have McGraw surnames. We have wondered if they were really Lumpkin's children. The story about her from our family was in whispers. Her children were thought to be his children. They lived near each other in the DeRoche community and were in and out of each others homes. There was something going on there. We would really like to know if she did have a McGraw husband and he fathered her kids. She came to Arkansas at the start of the Civil War and we wondered if Mr. McGraw had been killed in the war?
I will check in the library for cemetery records on the Lumpkins. He must be
buried with Susan if you know he was buried in Arkadelphia. Sarah was buried in
Buggy Hill cemetery, Hampton, AR Sebastion Co. in 1918. She lived to be an old

More from Phyllis

We know her history once she got to Arkansas. Her life was closely
entwined with James Madison Lumpkin.
She was born about 1825-26 in TN.

The first mention of her was found in the Campbell County, TN census.
She is listed as part of the household of an Elizabeth McGraw 50 F SC
Sarah McGraw 24 F Tn
Mary A. 4 F Tn.
Eliza J. 3 F TN
Susan 4/12 F TN

There was no mention of menfolk for these two women.
1850 Grundy County TN census
Sarah McGraw 34 F TN
Eliza J. 12 F TN
Susannah 10 F TN
James 7 M TN
Sarah A. 5 TN
Joseph F. 1 M TN
Elizabeth McGraw 62 F SC
At this time Sarah was head of the household and still no sign of a male
for either women.
The census reports for both years and counties show James Lumpkin and
his wife Susan and children living near Sarah.
About 1861, Sarah brought her family to Clark County/Hot Spring County
James Lumpkin was right there with her.
They are recorded on all census reports in AR as living next to each
Sarah has one more child, Elizabeth L. in 1861 here in AR.

In Arkansas census reports, Sarah's dwelling was next to the Lumpkin
families. Very convenient!

Sarah married James Lumpkin when his wife Susan died. Susan must have
died about 1885 as that is the year of Sarah's marriage to James.
I sent the marriage certificate that Tom Holmes has to him. Here is
another one from the Clark County courthouse and you can see the ages of
James and Sarah. He is 66 years old and she is 60 years old. Her son
Frank (Joseph Franklin) signed the certificate as witness.
James and Susan Lumpkin are most probably buried in the Lumpkin family
cemetery somewhere between Arkadelphia and Hot Springs,AR. It is
believed that DeGray Lake has covered the area. I know the cemetery has
been searched for and is not noted as being in existence in the cemetery
books of Clark County and Hot Spring Co.
Sarah had 7 children:
Mary Ellen brn abt 1846 TN
Eliza Jane brn abt 1848 TN
Susan Matilda brn 1/21/1851, Nashville , Davidson County, TN(this is my
husbands grandmother)died 3/19/1899
James brn abt 1853 TN
Joseph Franklin brn 4/24/1860 died 3/121909
Elizabeth L. brn abt 1861 AR
Sarah is buried in the Buggy Hills Cemetery , Sebastion County,
Mansfield, AR
She is beside her son Joseph Franklin McGraw
She died in 1918.

She could not have born James Lumpkins any children after their
marriage. She was too old. Our family and the Lumpkin family believe
that her children or part of them may be Lumpkins. It is a story that
has come down through the family that hers was the second family of his.

I have the children and wives of her children also. I am interested in
finding out more about Sarah and if a McGraw husband did exist. On the
marriage certificate to James Lumpkin , she is listed as Mrs. McGraw.

My husband's oldest sister, who is 93 years old, recalls visiting her in
Mansfield Arkansas about 1917. She smoked a corn cob pipe.
Hope this is interesting to you and I have not bored you. Phyllis

Her last census ennumeration was in 1900. She was living in the
household of her son Joseph Franklin McGraw in Sebastion County, AR.
Her tombstone says she died in 1918 and I haven't found her on a 1910
census. She was living with a grandson by then.

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