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Name George Washington Lumpkins
Birth 1841, Tennessee
Death Dec 31, 1862, Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Father James Madison Lumpkins (1823-1917)
Mother Susan Chavis (1820-1884)
1 Sally Bethenia Goin
Notes for George Washington Lumpkins
Enlisted in the Confederate Army on 3/6/1861 for a period of 12 months and fought with Company J 17th Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteers.
Discharged June 11. 1862
Re-enlisted August 15, 1862 for a period of 9 months
Fought with General Cleburne's division, Hardee Corps in the battle for Murfreesboro, Tennessee on 12/31/1862. He was killed in this action.
Listed in roles for Company I of the 17th Regiment Tennessee Volunteers.

George Washington Lumpkins took his sister to a dance one night and a drunk
fellow came and sat down on her lap. George killed the fellow and joined the
army. (15 Aug 1861, Big Creek, TN - 17th Rgmnt, Tennessee Infantry) He later
deserted and went back home. The army sent two men to bring him back. They
stopped at a little creek to get a drink. One of the fellows got down off his
horse, leaned his rifle up against a tree and walked over and kneeled down to
drink. George took the rifle and shot both of the men to death. He went back
home. His conscience began to bother him so he returned to the army. On Dec.
31 1862 George and a fellow named Crabtree (Crabtree told the family about
this) were going into the battle at Murfreesboro, TN. they came to a buffalo
wallow which was full of water and mud. Crabtree turned his horse and went
around the water hole. George started to ride his horse through it and was
hit in the back by a cannon ball.
They put him between two old matresses and went on into the battle. When they
returned he was dead and was frozen to the matresses from the blood he had

comments from a company muster roll:
The 17th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry was organized for State service June 11, 1861. Transfered to the service of the Confederate States August 13, 1861 and re-organized in May 1862. During the latter part of 1864, the 17th and 2nd Regiments Tennessee Infantry were consolidated into one field organization. But each comapany of the two organizaitions was mustered separately and under its original designations during the period covered by this consolidation.
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