This is the immigrant Cash not the mariner and the blue coloring denotes my families direct lineage.

This is the history as known from my mother's (Mary Edith Byford) family tree book.

William Cash, (a master mariner) was born in Scotland ca 1625 and settled in Salem, Mass. in 1667. There he married Elizabeth Lambert and bought a home on a quarter acre at junction of Essex and Forrester Streets. Eight children were born to them, four sons and four daughters. William died in 1690.
In 1676 the mariner brought to Salem his nephew also named William Cash from Scotland. This younger William was our Immigrant ancestor of our American Cash clan. A British tax record lists him seated in Westmoreland County, Virginia... 1677.
The Salem mariner documents left in Massachusetts record the fact that the Cash seat was anciently at "the place Cash" near Strathmiglo, in Fife Scotland. Research proves this. By this very circumstance he becomes ours as the Cash surname was taken there and only there under just one set of circumstances. Loss of records in Scotland have unfortunately prevented charting the family of these two Williams in Scotland of the 1600's.
The Salem William was owner and master of the Brigantine "Good Intent" and was very likely a master mariner by the time he was 22. He operated his ship in the British Isles (America Colonies trade). To have sailed a wooden vessel for nearly fifty years in the treacherous waters of the Atlantic, with the crudest of navigational instruments or stars particularly in winter and finally after a lifetime to bring to port his vessel and crew intact, marks him certainly as a master of the sea.
he was of that intrepid group of early mariners who pioneered the route for the commerce that would follow. He was buried in the Charter Street cemetery in Salem on burial hill. The wooden cross that once marked his grave is long gone. His signature can be found in Salem records.
Cash Families
Scotland, Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma
William Cash the progenitor of the Southern branch of the Cash families first appears in the records of Westmoreland County, Virginia (5/30/1694) on which date he was sworn in as a grand juror. It is clear from the evidence, however on this date he owned a large landed estate, and therefore probably arrived in that place some years before.
He came to Virginia from Fife, Scotland, Strathmiglo County seated in Westmoreland County, Virginia per tax list of 1677. He is therefore referred to by most Cash researchers as the Immigrant. His date of birth is estimated ca 1660.
His plantation was situated in Washington Parish, Westmoreland County. When King George County was formed from part of Westmoreland in 1720, approximately half of his land fell into each county.
His first wife is unknown, however he was probably first married ca 1688. His first wife probably died ca 1698 and he was then married to Elizabeth Skinner in 1699. She was believed to be a daughter of his friend and neighbor John Skinner a Quaker.
The immigrant died in Westmoreland County, Virginia between 2/16/1708 (the date of his will) and 8/25/1708 the date of his probate.
His children were: (** denotes our lineage )
1. John Cash b. 1608    d. 1799 Stafford County, Va.
** 2. Joseph Cash Sr. b. 1682 Fairfax County, Va.    d. 1780
3. William Cash b. 3/5/1689   d. 4/2/1720
4. Anish Nancy Cash b. 7/31/1693
5. Thomas Cash b. 8/2/1697      d. 1723
6. James Cash b. 1702 approximate    d. Jan 1782
7. Howard Robert Cash b. 1703 Married Ruth Elphingston  d. 1722 Amherst County, Va.
This is the lineage of Johnny Cash (the singer). 
8. Peter Cash b. 1708 married Charity Bush 11/3/1729   d. 1760, His will was found in 1760.

Joseph Cash Sr. was married ca. 1727 to Susan Mason a daughter of George and Ann Mason of Prince William County, Virginia and Dunham Parish, Charles City, Maryland. He owned a plantation in Brunswick Parish, King George County until 1733 at which time he was deeded 150 acres on the lower side of Doque Creek, Turo Parish, Prince William County by George and Ann mason. This was to be for the natural lives of Joseph Cash, Susannah, his wife and their daughter. This part of Prince William County became part of the Fairfax County in 1742 and its present location is directly along side of old U.S. Highway 1 post road south of Alexandria near a village then called Occoquan.
Over the years he purchased several hundred acres adjoining this property and by 1752 owned at least 959 acres. Susannah died ca 1749 and he was married to Elizabeth Bryant ca. 1750. Believed to be a member of the Culverhouse family. In 1772 he was commissioned to survey Doque creek road which indicates he had a knowledge of surveying. In 1774 he and most of his family together with the Hall and Culverhouse families moved to Dutch District (later Dutch Ville) Granville County North Carolina where he, his son Joseph Jr. and grandson Joseph Cash-Hall were granted approximately 1000 acres along picture branch creek.
He died in Granville County, North Carolina between 7/23/1779 (the date of his will) and 8/1780) the date of his probate. In his will he named as his children except for William as follows:
1. Howard Cash b. 1708
2. Ann Cash b. 1714
Note: Between this gap from 1714 and 1737 were probably born
John and Thomas Cash, found in Fairfax County, Va.
records but as yet we have not connected them to Joseph.
** 3. Joseph Cash Jr. b. 1737  d. 1789 Fairfax County, Va.
4. William Cash b. 1744    d. 1818 Fairfax County, Va.
William had remained there when Joseph's family left for Granville County, North Carolina. Apparently lived on the home plantation.
5. Peter Cash b. 1756    d. 1846   Revolutionary War soldier.  Married Sarah Smith
6. Barsheba Cash b. 1762 Married John William ca 170
7. James Cash b. 10/1764 was a revolutionary soldier with a pension
8. Comfort Cash b. 1753   d. 1860  m.  Joseph Carnes
9. Elisha Cash b. 1766
10. Phoebe Cash b. 1768  
11. Elizabeth Cash b. 1770

Joseph Cash Jr.
1. Ann Cash b. 1763
2. Susannah Cash b. 1764
3. Moses Cash b. 1767
4. Elkins Cash b. 1771
5. John Cash b. 1774
6. Josias Cash b. 1777
7. Bryant Cash b. 1779
** 8. James Cash Sr. b. 1787

James Cash Sr. married Nelly Walker ca 11/22/1807
Census records of 1810 shows this couple with a male under 10 who is obviously James Cash Jr. born 1808. In 1820 there are 3 males under 10.
It appears impossible for the males to be sons of James and Nelly and are probably near relatives.

James Cash Jr. and Amanda Bledsoe
** 1. Washington Blakely Cash b. 1827 
2. John E. Cash b. 1/7/1835 Clark County, Ark
3. A. B. Cash b. 1831 a daughter
4. Lewis Bryant Cash b. 1832
d. 4/6/1904
5. Octavia M. Cash b. 1833
d. 9/26/1850
6. Ann Angeline Cash b. 1837
7. Palmyra Cash b. 1839 a daughter
8. Hezikia L. Cash b. 1841
9. Frances C. Cash b. 1843