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Name Joseph Cash Sr.
Birth 1682, Washington Parish Westmoreland County Va.
Death Jul 23, 1779, Wash Parrish, Westmoreland Cnty, Va.
Father William Cash (1653-1707)
Mother Elizabeth Skinner (1655-1750)
1 Susan Mason
Death 1749
Father George Mason
Mother Ann
Marriage 1727
Children: Joseph (1737-1789)
William (1744-1789)
Comfort (1753-1860)
Peter (1756-)
Barsheba (1762-)
James (1764-)
Elisha (1766-)
Phoebe (1768-)
Elizabeth (1770-)
2 Elizabeth Bryant
Marriage 1750
Notes for Joseph Cash Sr.
This is the second son of the immigrant, William Cash, and is the start of our family line in America.
Owned a plantation in Brunswick Parish, King George County, Va. until 1733. At this time he was deeded 150 acres on the lower side of Doque creek, Turo Parish, William County by George and Ann Mason (his father-in-law) for the natural lives of Joseph Cash and his wife Susannah and daughter Ann. This part of Prince William County became part of Fairfax County in 1742 and its present location is directly along side of old U.S. highway 1 (post road) south of Alexandria near a village then called Occoquan. Over the years he purchased several hundred acres adjoining this property and by 1752 owned at least 959 acres.
Susannah died about 1749 and he remarried about 1750 to an Elizabeth believed to be a member of the Culverhouse families. In 1772, he was commioned to survey Doque creek road.
He and most of his family along with the Hall and Culverhouse families moved to Dutch creek road (later Dutch Ville) Granville County where he, his son Joseph Cash Jr. and grandson Joseph Cash Hall were granted approximately 1000 acres along picture branch creek.

Taken from vestry book, Truro Parish 1732 - 1785
(excerpted from microfilm at Fairfax public Library, Virginia room)
Original book is in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

13 April 1737 Witness to bond for erection of Parish building includes Joseph Cash
22 Oct. 1753 50 lbs. tobacco paid to Joseph Cash for I. levy overcharge
25 Oct 1762 (date penciled in) George Washington Esq. appointed one of the vestrymen of Parish Vestry held July 25, 1767
Col. George Washington
Mr. William Garnder wardens
Ordered that William Triplett and Joseph Cash Sr. be appointed to see all the patented lands between the Bedcklick road, the parish line, Potomack River, and Pohick creek, processioned also to take and return to vestry an account of every persons land they shall procession. And of the persons present at the same, and the particular reasons of such failure to perform the same in March next.
Vestry held at Pohick church, 29 Nov. 1771
Ordered that William Triplett and Joseph Cash Sr. be appointed to see that all patented lands lying between the Backlick road, the parish line, Potowmack river and Pohick creek procession'd also to take and return to vestry an account of every person land they shall procession and of persons present at the same and what lands in their precincts they shall fall to procession and the particular reason for such failure and to perfomr the same. Sometime between this and the last day of March next.
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