MY DNA Results, taken from a study by National Geographic and IBM




Type: Y-Chromosome
Haplogroup: R1b (M343)

Your STRs

DYS393: 12


DYS439: 11


DYS388: 12


DYS385a: 11

DYS19: 14


DYS389-1: 14


DYS390: 24


DYS385b: 15

DYS391: 11


DYS389-2: 18


DYS426: 12


DYS392: 13

How to Interpret Your Results
Above are results from the laboratory analysis of your Y-chromosome. Your DNA was analyzed for Short Tandem Repeats (STRs), which are repeating segments of your genome that have a high mutation rate. The location on the Y chromosome of each of these markers is depicted in the image, with the number of repeats for each of your STRs presented to the right of the marker. For example, DYS19 is a repeat of TAGA, so if your DNA repeated that sequence 12 times at that location, it would appear: DYS19 12. Studying the combination of these STR lengths in your Y Chromosome allows researchers to place you in a haplogroup, which reveals the complex migratory journeys of your ancestors. Y-SNP: In the event that the analysis of your STRs was inconclusive, your Y chromosome was also tested for the presence of an informative Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP). These are mutational changes in a single nucleotide base, and allow researchers to definitively place you in a genetic haplogroup.

Y-Chromosome Diagram