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Smith's brother, Abner Scroggins oath to not bear arms against the United States.

Smith Scroggins muster and death certificates



 ggGrandfather Smith Scroggins honor roll confirmationHe was killed at Chickaumauga so it was received posthumously


Confederate cemetery where ggGrandfather Smith is buried.



    ggGrandmother, Ellender Scroggins request for pension after Smith is killed.

Ellender gets paid $134.37. Seems so small, even then? And what are stoppages?



ggGrandfather, Washington Blakely Cash discharge from the Confederacy.

                                  His Land Grant

ggGrandfather, James Madison Lumpkins is arrested with wife Susan and a Sarah McGraw for lewd behavour. They even use ficticous names to try and cover it up.

Oh the shame of it all!



gGrandfather,          Houston Byford joins the 42nd Mississippi on May 14, 1862 and is listed as AWOL as of May 21, 1862? Now Where did he go?

And now, he has been dragged into court for Larceny. It turned out alright, he was trying to return the cow.



ggGrandmother, Ellender Scroggins gives permission for Houston Byford to marry her daughter Hannah Tabitha Scroggins. Could this have been forged by the two lovers?.



ggGrandfather, James Madison Lumpkins marries Susan Chavis

James Madison Lumpkins marries Sarah McGraw.

Was there hanky panky going on previously?.

gGrandmother Francis Cash marries John H. Hagins

                Francis marries John Lumpkins


      gGrandparents, John and Francis son, George Washington Lumpkins is killed at Murfreesboro.





  Grandfather Thomas Byford marries Emma Lumpkins  


      Thomas Byford's land grant


  Thomas Byford registers for WWI draft

         1939 hospital instructions                                                                             and bill

 gGrandfather Robert Andy Holmes marriage certificate


   My Father, Elmer Holmes / Edith Byford marriage certificate