Person Sheet

Name Ellen Wesley
Birth abt 1845
1 Houston Marion Byford
Birth Dec 4, 1847, Mississippi
Death Mar 7, 1911, Garvin County, Stratford, Oklahoma
Occupation Carpenter and musician
Father William Byford (1821-)
Mother Mary Ann Farmer (1825-)
Marriage Sep 8, 1898, McGee Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Notes for Ellen Wesley
Second wife for Houston and third husband for Ellen, a full blood Choctaw.
Roll # 263
Houston's roll # 858
Stats taken from 1900 Chickasaw Census, Garvin County, Indian Territory
(Oklahoma). Ellen is in the secodn doorway with grandson.
Was very mean to her stepchildren. She didn't give them enough to eat and made them fan the flys off her with a tree branch while she leaned up against a tree to sleep.
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