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Name William Benjamin Holmes
Birth Dec 25, 1851, Maury County, Tennessee
Death Mar 8, 1937, Oregon County Alton, Mo.
Father William Otis "Billy" Holmes (1819-1910)
Mother Nancy Anne Johnson (1827-1911)
1 Sarah Francis Mays
Birth Feb 27, 1852, Maury Country, Tenn
Death Jan 10, 1891, Oregon County, Alton, Mo.
Father James H. Mays (Mayes?) (-<1860)
Mother Mary Elizabeth Fly (1826-1858)
Marriage Feb 18, 1870, Maury Country, Tenn
Children: William James (1871-)
John Wesley (1873-1923)
Robert Benjamin (1875-1910)
George Madison (1877-1962)
Olgie Polk (1879-)
Ogleseby (1882-1905)
Erbert Grant (1886-1964)
Audry (Oddie) Alexander (1887-1971)
Jesse Otto (1889-1977)
Francis Frank (1890-1976)
2 Rosa Emma Bates
Birth abt 1874, Missouri
Death before 1900
Marriage abt 1892, Alton, Oregon County, Missouri
Children: Albert Richard (Dick) (1895-1979)
Miranda Dorothy (1897-)
3 Minnie M. Moore
Birth Jul 1881, Ohio
Father William M. Moore
Mother Mary A. Hines
Marriage Mar 1, 1904
Children: Guy Vernon (1904-1959)
Notes for William Benjamin Holmes
Picture is from Carl Holmes ( )
2nd cousin to Robert Andrew (Andy) Holmes
Moved his family to Alton, Mo. from Tennessee in 1880.
Used to peddle whiskey and a lot of his pay was in chickens. John Wesley said that he only liked the feet, his favorite part of the chicken.
Occasionally when William left his whiskey barrels unattended his boys would take wheat straws and suck whiskey through them.
William occasionally whipped the boys unmercifully (til they dripped blood). The boys finally ran off at ages 13 and 14 and went to live with relatives, one in Arkansas and the other in Oklahoma.
Before his death he changed his life and joined the Holiness church.
Buried in Shiloh Church cemetery, Alton, Missouri

Birth date is up for grabs. On his Death Certificate, birth date is Dec.-25-1851. On his Tombstone it is NOV. 25. 1852

In 1870 Kentucky Census,
He was Married to Frances, had ages for both, 18
Was living in Graves County Kentucky. Farmington Precinct - Post Office - Farmington, Kentucky - Roll - Page 59

They moved back to Tennessee between 1870 and 1880. Because they had their first 5 sons, all were born in Tennessee. Then moved to Oregon County, Missouri around 1880 or 1881. In Oregon Co. 5 more sons were born to them.

In 1880 Missouri Census, was living in the TWP of Oak Grove. . Vol. 25 ED 85 Sheet 18 line 31

In 1900 Missouri Census. Vol. 69 ED 85 Sheet 11 Line 46
No Wife listed, ch: Dick S b Feb. 1894 age 6 born in Mo.
Artherenda D b: Apr. 1897 age 3 born in Mo.
(Believe this to be Dorothy)

In 1910 Missouri Census: Could not find a listing for him. Son, Guy Vernon was living with William O. Holmes, his grandfather.

In the 1920 Missouri Census: William B. Holmes age 67 Guy Holmes Son, age 15.

Buried in Shilo Cemetery. Approx. 4 miles south of Alton, Mo. on Hwy. 19, turn right and then about 1 1/2 miles to Church and Cemetery on right. Sec. 6 Twp. 23 R.5W (Piney Twp.)

"Uncle Ben" Holmes, age 84 years died at his home in the Norman
community Monday, March the 8th following a short illness.
Mr. Holmes came to Oregon County some 50 years ago from
Tennessee and has made his home here the remainder of his life.
He is survived by 8 children, Geo. and Otto of Oklahoma,
Richard of Kansas, Guy of Texas, Dorothy of Oklahoma, Elbert of
California and Frank of Alton. Also 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
Funeral services were conducted at Shiloh Tuesday, March 9th,
by Marvin Biffic."
3 1 2
His children don't seem to have talked of him much, but
according to Holmes' cousin remembrances "Ben" was mean and his
children all left home at a very early age. He drank a great
deal. According to Ruth Holmes Thompson, when he was old he
wore a heavy overcoat and hat pulled down, even in hot weather.
The children were afraid of him. One of her family members
stayed with him for a brief time and was told to, "turn your
plate over when you are finished so the cats won't lick it",
and didn't wash any dishes the week or so that this person
stayed with him. When he got sick at the end of his life, his
house was in such a poor state that the brothers wouldn't let
any of the women go down to help take care of him. According to
Dorothy Holmes Larson, he had gangrene. My grandfather, Albert
Richard, went to Alton for the funeral, but none of their other
family members went because my grandmother and aunt Dorothy had
scarlet fever at the time and my mother Mary was taking care of
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