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Name Mary Emma Lumpkins
Birth Jan 15, 1877, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Death Sep 19, 1961, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Father John Henry Lumpkins (1850-1934)
Mother Francis Ann Cash - Hagins (1850-1936)
1 Thomas Jefferson Byford
Birth Dec 9, 1874, Saline, County, Arkansas
Death Feb 15, 1967, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Burial Sunnylane cemetery, Oklahoma City
Father Houston Marion Byford (1847-1911)
Mother Hannah Tabitha Caroline Scroggins (1852-1897)
Marriage Sep 27, 1894, McGee Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Children: Beulah Rovilla (1895-1922)
Era Mae (1898-1985)
Avril Lee (1901-1903)
Roy Houston (1905-1906)
Mary Edith (1907-1999)
Ethel Marie (1907-1907)
William Granville (1911-1983)
Notes for Mary Emma Lumpkins
Was onery and mischievous when she was a young girl. Loved to play practical jokes on people.
She had an uncle Tom Terrell who had two sons (Jesse and Ray). Jesse was an outlaw and rode with the Kimes boys. He supposedly killed several men. One day when he was over to the house grandma turned around from cooking and he had a loaded pistol pointed at her head. She asked "What in the world are you doing?" and he just answered that he was practicing.
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