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I have created this site to honor all who came before me, the bad as well as the good.  The Family Tree data and stories were initially hard-copied by my mother (Mary Edith Byford {Holmes}) and I am truly amazed at what she accomplished with just a typewriter, telephone, and the U.S. mail. She spent almost 20 years (1962 - 1981) compiling family data which was to be the source for her two genealogy books "The Family Tree" (Her Byford family) and "Climbing your Family Tree" (Dad's Holmes family).  Other sources for stories include my Grandfather Byford's short biography simply called  "Thomas Jefferson Byford"  and many other family members from all over the internet that I have encountered for the first time or made re-acquaintance with during the making of this web site.  Since my purpose is to display photographs where possible this site will not contain every possible offspring.  However, it does contain additional links to other websites that contain more completed detail.  If you notice errors please notify me via the email icon below. 

I am sorry to say that my mother passed away before being able to  see her work published on the web.

You can move around this family website by clicking on any of the text highlighted in blue .  To find a specific individual quickly just use the Family Surnames  for instance.  Individual stories (if entered) can be found at the bottom of each personal data sheet in the Family Tree.  Only individuals with a camera icon have pictures but click on the person's name to view the complete data.  Clicking on the camera icon will only display their picture.  Other side trips may be found highlighted in blue  throughout this website.

Thanks to all of my family who donated pictures and or stories.

If anyone viewing these pages would like to share family pictures or stories, I would love to hear from you.  I do not have the room to put up all of my family pictures so I had to select the ones that I thought would be the best representation or for some the only ones that I had.

I hope that both family and visitors enjoy the site and perhaps even learn something from their experience.

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